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Frankonia / Bavaria is famous for its delicacies. Not only excelent food from the region, but also the good franconian wine and local beers are associated with heart-warming hospitality in and around Nuremberg.

Here are our restaurant recommandations, tested by ourselves:




Foto: Böhm's Herrenkeller

Böhm's Herrenkeller

Our Favourit right at the beginning. For decades, we recommend our guests this charming and original restaurant in Theatergasse, just a short walk from the hotel.

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Foto: Burgwächter+Kaiserburg Tripadvisor (User)

Burgwächter - beneath the Imperial

Castle Directly below the Nuremberg Imperial Castle lies the cozy, typical Franconian restaurant with numerous outdoor courts, which offer the perfect climate when needed, to experience an unforgettable evening of Franconian hospitality.

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Phone:  0911/22 21 26